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Grimes Adhesiflive Grimes has been playing and producing electronic music since the ‘90s, and has been a committed record collector ever since his teenage years.

It all began by soaking up the ‘new’ futuristic sounds of ‘Bleep’n’Bass records’ coming out of Manchester and the North Of England. Having played for a wealth of party crews and club promoters from Manchester, Newcastle, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Paris, Detroit throughout the 90s & 00s Grimes is currently an artist in residence at Freerotation Festival, and has been since the festival started in 2007. In ’94 Grimes began building his studio and started experimenting and crafting his own sound, but it wasn’t until 2000 that he began curating his own Mind Your Head imprint to release these creations, which has seen a string of varied and distinctive releases. Grimes Adhesif’s ‘Wilmslow Road’ on Mind Your Head released in 2005 has been and continues to be played my many DJs.

Grimes is currently making music specifically for the live show.

Grimes is available for Live and DJ bookings.
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Ahulive Ahu Karimi is an Iranian producer & dj currently living in Berlin. Ahu is his main moniker. Ahu also records as Sohrab. Unlike many people in the Berlin scene, he came to the city rather accidentally; although perhaps nothing in this world happens just ‘accidentally’. 5 years ago he got invited to play his first gig in Europe at a Touch Music night at Berghain. Being invited and given the chance to perform his music in front of an enthusiastic audience and without having the fear of getting raided by the police, as would happen in Tehran, he decided to stay in Berlin even though he was not legally allowed to do so, and his future was not clear. 5 years on and many things have changed, but one thing stayed the same: passion, love & belief in Music. Sohrab continues to work exclusively with Touch Music , Ahu walks on a boundary-less path, whether it is his own productions or extended & deeply emotional after hours dj sets, to his new but already well sought after vinyl only record label 'Shahr Farang’. Third Ear Recordings will also release an Ahu ep in September this year.

Between Strangers (7”) Touch TS 15 || 2013
Various – Fairy Tales: Early Colour Stencil Films From Pathé || 2012
You Are Not Alone III - compilation (digital) Touch Tone ||42DR3
You Are Not Alone II - compilation (digital) Touch Tone ||42DR2
You Are Not Alone I - compilation (digital) Touch Tone ||42DR1
Shouting At Dictators (digital) Tuch Tone 42 DS || 2011
A Hidden Place (lp) Touch Tone 42DL ||2010
Aamooktan Baraye Zistan (digital) Touch Tone 42 || 2010
Tanayi – Live In Tehran – 2 Versions) Touch || 2009

Ahu - Life On The Run (12”, digital) Third Ear Recordings || 2015 forthcoming
Ddrohde – Yellow Socks (12”) VOLT001 || 2013
Komsomol - Burnt By The Sun three versions Unoiki || 2013
Fat Rats - Persian New Wave (Mawdj-e Naw e Farsi) lp Iran TAM024 || 2004
Aubrey At the age of twelve Aubrey became an avid bedroom DJ learning the skills that have taken him through a successful and professional career spanning twenty plus years. From his first residency at the Portsmouth club Central Park at eighteen, he soon found himself in London spinning next to Carl Cox, Groove Rider, Colin Dale, Mr. C etc, at raves such as Energy, Raindance, and clubs such as The Astoria, The Gardening Club, The Pirate Club, The Marquee, Turnmills, Deep Space, Ministry Of Sound. He has since then taken to the decks in clubs such as Tresor, Space Ibiza, Cocoon, Moog Barcelona. Recent bookings have seen him DJing at Berghain in Berlin and Space in Moscow.

Aubrey started recording in 1990 for Sheffield label Ozone Recordings under the name Panic with a release called Voices Of Energy. Aubrey then set up his own label in the same year, Solid Groove Records. The label has had 30 vinyl releases over thirteen years, with tracks were licensed by Derrick May, Terry Francis, Pete Tong, Adam X, and Carl Cox, among others. As well as this he ran four other labels, Textures, Dark, DOT, and Cheap Knob Gags. Solid Groove re-launched in 2014 with a joint ep with Metroplex boss Kimyon Huggins and 2015 has seen a release with remixes from from Ed Davenport, Lee Holman, Exos, Aubrey himself in 2015. 2015 has seen Aubrey remix on Detroit legendary labels Metroplex and Patrice Scott’s Sistrum records.

Aubrey’s tastes are varied, from his first love's of Hip Hop, Jazz and Funk as a teenager moving onto the emerging Acid House scene from Chicago and then to Detroit Techno and New York House.

We have noticed that Aubrey has an uncanny ability to make a sound system sound better than any other DJ playing the same party.
Mario Barbarossa London-based DJ Mario Barbarossa is unquestionably one of underground House (and Techno) music’s ‘Keepers of the Flame’. From the day his then-girlfriend bought him Inner City’s Big Fun from Our Price Records on London’s Edgware Road when it was released, he was sold on Acid House, “the mixture of all the great dance sounds” says Mario. And to this day it is the spirit of Acid House and of the early parties that he is trying to create whenever he plays, whatever genre of record he may be playing. Mario will stay up for a day and a night to select the records for a party he is playing at, such is his dedication to create something special. His DJ style blends predominantly, but not exclusively, House and Techno together seamlessly and uniquely. Mario is a true and rare artist whose selections and his mixing put him in a class of his own.

His first gig was back in 1984 at The Purple Pussycat with Tim Simonen from Bomb The Bass. He moonlighted as a lighting engineer through the late 80s and at the early raves around London’s Grays Inn Road and in Hackney, and at some of the UK's seminal parties including The Mud Club, Sunrise, Biology and Genesis. He moved to Greece in the early 90s to start DJing properly. He discovered John Beltran's Aquatic and Carl Craig/Paperclip People’s Oscillator and became hooked on the Detroit sound. In '92 he moved back to London and handed a tape to Steve Bicknell who liked it and asked him to be a resident for Lost – the UK's most important and long-standing Techno party. To this day he is still a Lost resident.

Mario Barbarossa is a resident for Lost, Third Ear, The Breakfast Club and Aphrodisiacs.
Leigh Dickson Leigh Dickson's first release came six years after composing the two tracks that were picked up through an anonymous CD sent to Qube Records. Upon which a meeting with Mike Maguire (Qube/Juno Reactor) led to Praise & Aerobatics being released in 2002 with an exclusive remix of Praise by Baby Ford. The 12" now fetches large sums with all three tracks having successful re releases to this day with Ryan Elliott who carried out a further remix of Praise in 2013.

Leigh has remixed for Poly Styrene and is credited for work with Mark Stewart on his Politics Of Envy album which featured collaborations with Daddy G, Bobby Gillespie, Lee Scratch Perry and Factory Floor.   Leigh continues to release his music on his own terms with previous other releases on For Those That Knoe, Verdant Recordings, Xenology, focusing on a quality output rather than quantity and could be found monthly on his Static radio show of two years on Hoxton FM, Timeline Music and not to mention many DJ sets around London's Techno party scene, sharing the bill with the likes of Mr C, Colin Dale, Murf, Aubrey, Jimpster, Alex Barck, Bugs In The Attic, Mick Welch etc.

Leigh can now be found on the mighty Soho Radio under the wing of Eddy Temple Morris's-The Remix show once a month, where he continues to push the boundaries and varieties of what good Electronic Music has to offer.
Alex Downey Based in Brighton, Alex Downey fell in love with Techno from seeing the likes of Derrick May and Dave Clarke at the Zap Club. Before long he was resident DJ at a notorious 24 hour café on Brighton seafront. From there he has spent the years dedicating himself to making the crowds, however large or small, dance, dance and dance some more. Currently a resident DJ at the celebrated Freerotation Festival, Alex has DJed at such diverse parties as Wiggle, Split, Labyrinth Festival in Japan, The Big-Beat Boutique, Optical, The Essential Festival, Tribal-sessions and continues to play the best parties. But just as important to his career arc are the hundreds of smaller parties and long-forgotten club nights that rocked hard and kept the lifeblood of the scene pumping. Alex's style behind the turntables defies categorization. For him techno isn't a dogma so much as a spirit of electronic freedom to adapt and embrace new styles. He is highly rated by DJs and is regarded as a keeper of the flame. Most recently, Alex has become a Third Ear resident DJ, as the seminal label seeks to bring together a select group of idiosyncratic DJs that showcase the label’s ethos.
Leah Floyeurs Since her monthly internet show, Leah with Sound first aired in May 2012 ( London-based Australian DJ Leah Floyeurs has fast gained a reputation for blending effortlessly a wide range of genres in her vinyl sets, from hard Detroit techno and electro to more experimental electronica and deep house.

Inspired by London’s techno scene upon her arrival in 1993, Leah started building her record collection and within three years had played gigs in Belfast and Scotland, Germany and Belgium. However the next 15 years were spent working full-time for American insurance companies and it was not until July 2011 that she quit her job so she could return to the decks. 

Since then she has played Freerotation in Hay-on-Wye,  Arthouse and Sauce in Manchester, Slabs of the Tabernacle in Glasgow and the London clubs Breakfast Club, Project 5, Square Root and 50arc where she is resident. Having recorded more than 45 two-hour live shows on Timeline Music, she recently took up an additional monthly slot at Fnoob Techno Radio, where she presents Time For Pluto. 

Also an accomplished pianist, Leah works with vocalist/producer/DJ Alison Marks under the name “Wallflower”, currently signed to Italian label Rebirth.
Buzz Goreelive Buzz Goree was an early member of Detroit’s legendary Underground Resistance collective and is still a UR assault DJ. Also known by his Underground Resistance operative name Clandestine, Buzz is now based in Berlin. He started his DJ career at the early age of 13 in Detroit. By the age of 15 he was playing professional gigs in the city. In the early 90s he met Underground Resistance’s Mike Banks. Soon after, together with Mike Agent X Clark, Mike Banks and Buzz Goree founded Happy Records, a UR sub-label.

Over the next few years, under the names Clandestine and Remote, Buzz produced many Z-records, the records that are only available to UR DJs. In 2007 he established his label, Mixworks releasing artists such as The Advent and Alex Picone. Buzz is still active promoting Mixworks nights, both in Detroit and elsewhere in Europe and the rest of the world. His Jive Turkey party in Detroit on Thanksgiving is legendary, featuring many of Detroit’s most well-known names.
Scott Marshall Scott Marshall is a London-based DJ and producer. His debut 4-track EP, eponymously titled Scott Marshall will be released by UK label Third Ear Recordings in June 2015, and demonstrates a distinctive UK Booty sound currently being supported by DJ Deeon, John Heckle and Mark Forshaw.

Born and raised in South London through the 80s, Scott started buying records when he was 16 amassing a large collection of House, Techno, Disco and Funk. His DJ style is quick-fire mixing Techno, House, Booty and Disco, pushing the groove and keeping the floor on the front foot. He is a resident DJ for Third Ear, The Breakfast Club, RIOT BAR and Aphrodisiacs.

A regular on various underground scenes through the late 90s and 00s, Scott spent his youth in parties such as Lost, Renegade Hardware and Kung Fu. He was influenced early on by artists and DJs such as Steve Bicknell, DJ Deeon, Jeff Mills, The Scientist, Loud-e, Roy Ayers, Lord Finesse and Gang Starr, and has a particular affection for labels such as Dance Mania and Cosmic Recordings.
Frank Mitchell Having always held an interest in music, Frank’s real passion began when he heard i-F’s “Mixed up in Hague Vol.1” in 2002. The surging vocals, driving arrpegiated beats and catchy melodies all had him hooked. However it wasn’t until 2008, after catching the bass-weight bug at nights like DMZ and FWD, that he started DJ’ing garage and dubstep, but subsequently buying up all the old disco and italo records that had previously made such an impression on him.

This solid base of early dubstep, UK garage and Italo disco allowed Frank to branch out, discovering the sounds of Chicago, New York and Detroit, as well as some of the most influential pioneers in electronic music from Europe. Building up from the past and gaining a better understanding of the roots of house, disco and techno continues to fuel Frank’s passion for discovering contemporary music drawing from the same inspirational pool. He still buys records every week and continues to play at local underground nights ever month.

In terms of DJ sets, Frank keeps it as interesting as possible, not only for himself but for the audience. Interspersing the traditional 4/4 beat pattern of house and techno with the off-step beats of electro or UKG never fails to inject energy into a dance-floor, an energy which is fed into every set Frank plays. Whether its house, techno or disco, the big bass of Miami electro or the two-step shuffle of garage, Frank is skilled at mixing and blending genres together. His main focus is to keep it relatively varied, and deliver music to people that they either haven’t heard before or sparks a memory which causes them to go home and start digging again. His purpose as a DJ is to make sure people have fun, dance and hopefully discover some new music.

Frank has held residencies at House Night Society at Dalston Superstore, The Nest in Dalston and Breakfast Club, a monthly after-hours running in various spots around London. He also co-runs his own party, Square Root, in a unit space in East London.
O.utlier o.utlier - naïf / Soul People Music / London, UK

By definition, an outlier is situated outside of the system. Yet, whilst crafting his distinct sound, this Irish native ventured closer to the centre of things when he debuted on Efdemin’s Naïf imprint, joining a roll call that includes Tobias., Nina Kraviz and the label head himself. This first offering, titled “For One of the Least (Main Pass), found its way into the bags of discerning selectors such as Eric Cloutier, XDB and Marcel Dettmann. Its otherworldly drone sounds, shimmering synths and hypnotic, acid baseline combine to create a versatile weapon that manages to pay homage to classic techno, whilst eschewing the clichés and more obvious elements of the genre. Add to that its transformative effect on dance-floors and it set the agenda nicely.

Further honing his sonic identity and at the same time showing his range as a producer, o.utlier’s second release came out on the revered Soul People Music label. Blurring the lines between styles and inverting norms, the three tracks that comprise the Genesis EP are further evidence of this artist’s desire to shape his own musical landscape, and his ability to operate in the space between rooted 4/4 and the transcendent, the past and the future, the melancholic and the uplifting.

Having been a DJ and vinyl devotee for many years, o.utlier’s crate digging sets take in a wide range of influences, from classic dub techno to a stripped back New York aesthetic and the raw energy of 90’s house. A regular at Dance Tunnel, one of London’s best regarded venues, he can equally be heard nurturing a hypnotic groove or stirring a dance-floor into a frenzy, always delivering immersive sets with poise, energy and a sound palette which is distinctly his own.
El Prevostlive Lincoln ‘El’ Prevost has been making beats for over 10 years. Previously achieving success as one half of Deepologists, it has only been in the last few years that El Prevost has properly found his sound and looks set for major success. His 3 EPs for London’s Third Ear Recordings, The Money Honey e.p (2011), the Putting Out Fires e.p (2012) and most recently in 2013 the Ash e.p are all extremely strong selections and show El Prevost to have developed a very individual sound which many DJs like. As Third Ear’s Guy McCreery has said; ‘El Prevost has a talent for beats, grooves and sound design that few can match.”

El Prevost’s tracks are being caned by DJs like Steve Bug, Patrice Scott, DJ Hell, Pearson Sound, Steffi, Dan Ghenacia/Apollonia, Dixon, Ricardo Villalobos and many other DJs. El Prevost’s live show is also something extra. Years of studio and live experience are now coming together. Moscow’s premier club, Arma 17 and a number of London’s top clubs, including Corsica Studios and The Rhythm Factory have all been rocked by El Prevost, leading to rammed dance floors with hands in the air.
B Riddimlive B. Riddim is Luis Sequeira, a Portuguese producer, songwriter and musician living in London. After a childhood studying classical piano he discovered sampling and Hip Hop beats during his teen years, eventually forming G-Ward, a Portuguese Hip-Hop collective in 2003 particularly popular in the city of Guarda. Using the name Bellatur, Luis was the producer and one of the MCs in G-Ward. At the same time, he was discovering a passion for Jamaican music and culture, leading him to begin to develop a quite unique sound using electronics within a Dub sensibility. In addition to B.Riddim, Luis is part of the band Escabeau.

B.Riddim selected discography:

B.Riddim – Magic My Ear ep (12”, digital Third Ear Recordings) 3EEP-2014_06)
B.Riddim – Stand Up (digital – Monkey Dub) 2013
B.Riddim/Escabeau – Ants ep (digital Escabeau Music) ESCA001 2013
G-Ward – Futuramente ep (digital) G-Ward Music 2012
B.Riddim – In Theory ep (digital, 12”) Third Ear Recordings (3EEP-2012_02)
Velya Velya, is currently based in Brisbane, Australia and has been a Third Ear DJ for longer than anyone. He is one of the best DJs we’ve ever heard and from the go have been supporting him and trying to help his career. Of course it’s no surprise to hear that a virtually unknown DJ is a very good DJ. He has that rare ability to give his transitions an anticipation and an energy that raises the energy on the dance floor in the transition alone, regardless of the tune. He plays everything and anything changing up from deep grooving house to uncompromising linear Techno and back down again, introducing mood changes and energy swings with unusual sensitivity and control.
Sam Watson Sam Watson has had a huge passion for all things Techno since the early nineties, playing at parties and clubs all over the UK including Birmingham's House of God, Uti in Edinburgh and Room 237 Bristol. He has hosted and been resident DJ at a number of nights in Aberystwyth in Wales, which have included guests such as Surgeon, Paul Damage, Andrew Weatherall, Billy Nasty and Si Begg to name a few. For the last nine years Sam has been a resident at Freerotation Festival and at Audiofarm Festival. His recent sets at Freerotation are legendary. Sam Watson’s signature sound is a rolling and twisting hard Techno set. More recently, he has been working on the slower, deeper side of Techno alongside his harder sets, with influences from Sandwell District, Marcel Dettmann, Mike Dehnert, Smear/Forward Strategy Group and Jerone Search. He uses four decks, three vinyl and one cd deck for playing his own material exclusive to his sets.

Aside from two releases in 2001 under the name Dr Watson, one on Complex Records (label formerly run by Regis and Female) and a remix on Steevio's Mindtours label, Sam has more recently released on Trust Recordings and 6ONE6.

With his upbringing in Snowdonia, Wales, where he is still based, with its deeply rooted free party scene, together with his early influences of the raw, industrial sound of Birmingham and Detroit, Sam has developed a unique style and flow to his sets.